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Cologne – the Metropolis at the River Rhine

Cologne- More than you might imagine

With more than 2,000 years of lived history, Cologne has to offer much more to ist visitors than you might imagine. The famous Cologne Cathedral is Germany´s most visited sight and world heritage site. Romanic churches as well as popular museums and landmarks attract many tourists from all over the world.

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Sights and places
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Sightseeing in Cologne

With its 2000 years of history, Cologne has a lot to offer to its visitors. Cologne Cathedral is Germany’s most visited tourist attraction. On almost every corner of the city, visitors discover roman constructions and interesting museums.

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Cologne – a historic
centre in Germany

Cologne Museums

With its 42 museums Cologne has got an outstanding art and cultural scene. Whether municipal, ecclesiastical, company-owned, or private museum - the wide array of displayed exhibits ranges from Roman, medieval to non-European and contemporary art.

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Shopping in Cologne

Shopping in Cologne

Experimental or exclusive? Cologne offers a variety of shopping streets, each with its own particular atmosphere and clientele.

Opening time of the shops:

Monday – Friday: 10 am to 8 pm, larger malls and shops also until 9 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 7pm, larger malls and shops also until 9 pm

Hohe Straße and Schildergasse:

2 minutes walking distance from the hotel
Cologne’s most busy shopping street. You can find department stores as well as all well-known brand stores.

Breitestraße and Ehrenstraße:

5-10 minutes walking distance from the hotel
A good mix of individual boutiques, cafes and small shopping malls

Mittelstraße, Benesisstraße and Pfeilstraße:

10-15 minutes walking distance from the hotel
Cologne’s most exclusive shopping district featuring extravagant fashion stores, fine jewellery and creative interior design boutiques

Belgisches Viertel and Friesenstraße:

10-20 minutes walking distance from the hotel
Start up brands and young designers present creative products and fashion in small boutiques. After your shopping tour you can relax in one of many vivid bars and cafes.

  • Ebinghaus

    This family business focuses on fashion made in Italy. The men´s outfitter convinces through its  high fashion range from leisure to business and personal advice.

  • Apropos

    On an area of more than 3000 sqm, APROPOS concept store offers a unique shopping experience in Germany. Luxury labels for ladies and gentlemen, embedded in an exquisite ambiance of modern design and antique style define APROPOS The Concept store.

  • Max Mara

    The Italian fashion brand presents one of four German flagship stores in Cologne. Apart from the classic line, you will also find accessories, shoes and handbags.

  • Franz Sauer

    Accessory or complete outfit, casual or elegant, underwear or bathing suit – In this fashion house Ladies and Gentlemen can find clothing for every occasion.

  • Chopard

    The luxury jewellery brand is a must have in Cologne! Finest jewels and watches crown the shop windows and displays of Chopard. Pure luxury just opposite the Cologne Cathedral.

  • Meißen

    The Meißen shop directly located at the Wallrafplatz and only a few meters away from the Excelsior Hotel Ernst awaits you with a fine collection of porcelaine and jewellery from its manufacture of the traditional company.