Welcoming guests

since 1863

Zeitgeist is our permanent guest


Our 5-star hotel is located in Cologne’s Trankgasse, which has existed since Roman times. We’ve been here since 1863. Our heritage brings with it a solemn sense of duty and responsibility – and one that’s engraved into our grand hotel. Sometimes visibly, in the form of our listed facade, wooden panelling and the cross-shaped window bars that beckon to our neighbour, Cologne Cathedral. But sometimes also invisibly in the form of an eternal commitment to service – one which we interpret in the hearty Cologne way of course.

Welcome back

In addition to “What can I do for you?”, the most frequently uttered phrase by our concierges and valets is “Welcome back!”. Because we are always pleased that a large number of our guests make their stay at the Excelsior Hotel Ernst a regular one. We’d love you to be a regular too.

The feel-good factor


We’re not just a Grand Hotel, we live it and breathe it. For us, this means heartfelt hospitality, cordiality, a big personality and a high level of respect for the wishes of our guests. And if those wishes are a bit more complex, that’s absolutely no problem. Because you should feel comfortable here. That’s what the Excelsior Hotel Ernst is there for.

Gastronomy starts with the guest

Of course we cook, bake and serve out of passion for good food, wine and service. But first and foremost, we want to offer our guests a really special experience. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in the Michelin-starred taku restaurant, in the Hanse Stube, the Wintergarten or the Charles Bar.

Leading Hotels of the World

Demanding the very highest quality

As a 5-star luxury hotel, it’s our duty to uphold the high standards we set for ourselves. It’s not for nothing that we have been members of the exclusive alliances “Leading Hotels of the World” and “Selection of German Luxury Hotels” for many years. And we’re constantly improving our already high standards. We thrive on regular feedback from our valued guests. They make us what we are.

Couple at reception with employee
Two golden keys cross each other on a white background

Our Concierges


Our concierges are members of the Golden Keys, Germany’s only professional association of hotel concierges in the luxury hotel business. They know their way around the city like no one else. They can fulfill small requests immediately, and more complex ones (such as tickets to a sold-out event) with just a few phone calls. If you have any questions or requests, do speak to them. Our concierges are in a league of their own. And while they can only read minds sometimes, they are definitely working on it…

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